New Digital Flow Meter For Medical Gases -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Sensirion AG

New Digital Flow Meter For Medical Gases

In the SFM4100, Sensirion is launching a new digital flow meter for air and other non-aggressive gases. The drift-free model SFM4100 is equipped with a digital I2C interface, is fully calibrated, and has an impressively wide dynamic measuring range. With the aid of the ‘Multigas’ function, the sensor can be set up and calibrated for several different gases in parallel.

The feeding of special gases such as nitrous oxide, xenon, carbon monoxide etc., is of increasing importance in patient ventilation and anaesthesia. As a conse-quence, it is increasingly necessary to be able to measure smaller and smaller gas-streams precisely and reliably. With the SFM4100, custom-tailored for inte-gration into anaesthetic equipment, Sensirion AG is responding to this trend in ventilation therapy.

The SFM4100 precision flow meter for air and other non-aggressive gases has an impressively wide dynamic measuring range up to 20 slm. The sensor unit has an I2C interface, provides a fully calibrated and temperature-compensated output signal, and operates reliably at pressures of up to 7 bar.

Its outstanding long-term stability and freedom from drift make the new SFM4100 first choice for products that require a high rate of deployment with long service intervals. Using the ‘Multigas’ feature provided, calibrations for various different gases can be integrated in a single sensor. Self-test features allow testing of the entire signal chain (from capture of the analogue signal through to amplification and A/D conversion, linearization and temperature compensation) while the sensor is in use – a big advantage when used in safety-critical applications.

This extraordinary performance is chiefly due to Sensirion’s tried and tested CMOSens® technology. The sensor unit uses thermal measuring principles to achieve precise, rapid and reliable measurement of gas flow, and the key component is the 3x5mm sensor chip, which houses both the sensor element and the entire analysis electronics.

In addition to mixing gaseous carriers for anaesthesia, the SFM4100 is particularly well suited to integration in other medical and analytical equipment, and for tasks in process automation.