New Generation of High Precision Worm Gears -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


BJ-Gear A/S

New Generation of High Precision Worm Gears

High Precision Gear
The design prinicple is dual lead. It´s a future orientated product for demanding tasks. The gears are providing many advantages for numerous applications where the demands are very high. Especially macinery where low backlash and low noise is needed. Thats why the precision gear are well suited for the healthcare industry.

Some of the advantages with these high pecision gears are:
// Low backlash - Backlash down to 1 arc minute
// Low noise
// No loss of efficiency.

The gears are produced in Aluminium, stainless steele or cast iron. All High precision gears are adapted according to customers demands.
The gear is highly adeptable for various customised needs. Like for instance special flanges and output shafts. Even though the gears are customised they can be delivered very quick due to a very flexible and automatised production. The design can be customized and be fitted with AC, DC or servo motors.

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