New Generation of Medical Thermoform Packaging Machines -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Doyen Medipharm Ltd.

New Generation of Medical Thermoform Packaging Machines

MT150 thermoform packaging machine
Wymondham, UK / Lakeland, Florida. Doyen Medipharm, a leading global provider of converting and packaging machines exclusively for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, has introduced a new generation of thermoforming machines dedicated to the packaging of sterile medical products. The two machines, MT150 and MT250, were well received at their official launch into the world-wide medical device packaging market at the Doyen / J-PAC booth at MD&M East in New York.

Doyen’s new thermoformer range is versatile, allowing for the efficient processing of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid films. There are a variety of possibilities for forming and sealing top and bottom web, as well as multiple cutting options to choose from, facilitating the customisation of the machines for individual customer requirements. Improved access to the tooling increases convenience and saves time at product changeover. Upstream and downstream production solutions and integration support and services will also be available.

Martin Beriswill, Doyen's Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, considers the new machines an important addition to Doyen’s portfolio: “The new thermoformers enable us to offer our customers a broader range of options for packaging medical devices. Many medical devices are not suited for effective 4SS packaging. With the MT, Doyen now provides packaging machines for flat as well as three-dimensional products to the highest standard.”

Doyen is renowned throughout the medical and pharmaceutical industries for their high quality and performance four side seal packaging machines and their expertise with compliance and validation procedures. Like all Doyen machines, the new thermoformer models are delivered fully validated and compliant to industry standards. Apart from their four side seal, thermoforming and glove packaging ranges, Doyen also offers fully automated web and film converting lines for the manufacture and pouch packaging of wound care dressings, transdermal patches and oral film strips.