IDEX Health & Science Group

New Low-Pressure Tubing Assemblies Reduce Leaks & Improve Uptime on Diagnostic Instruments

Diagnostic-Grade Tubing Assemblies
IDEX Health & Science (AACC, Booth #1903) introduces a new line of Upchurch Scientific® products specifically designed for the low-pressure fluidic systems in diagnostic instruments. Based on flangeless technology proven to reduce leaks, the new Diagnostic-Grade Fittings and Tubing Assemblies eliminate the need for OEMs to ever flange instrument tubing—in manufacturing or in the field.
In addition to the dependable fittings for 1/8" and 1/16" OD tubing, custom Tubing Assemblies prove especially cost effective because they are easy for OEMs to install, and easy for instrument owners to replace if needed. Equipment manufacturers can request a free sample kit at www.idex-hs.com/OEMKit. For a quote on a custom tubing assembly, visit www.upchurch.com/OEMTubing.