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New Module for ECG Measurement in High-end Patient Monitoring

Image EG05000
Due to the increasing concentration of manufacturers on special parameters in multi-parameter patient monitors, it becomes more and more difficult to measure all needed parameters by using a company's own technology. Also, relatively low quantities not always justify the develop of an in-house solution.

For these applications, Medlab introduces the EG05000, a new board for measurement of ECG, that can be also used in demanding applications usually found in intensive-care environments.

The EG05000 uses a five lead cable to measure up to 7 ECG channels. Optionally, also the patient's respiration can be monitored by measuring the changing impedance between the ECG electrodes. The module automatically recognizes missing electrodes and informs the host system over the connecting interface.

Thomas Leuthner of Medlab GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany sees a market mainly for manufacturers of monitors for innovative applications: "A lot of new possibilities for non-invasive patient monitoring have been brought into the market in the last years. The manufacturers of these solutions recognize that they can market their product easier if also the traditional parameters are integrated. Often, these higly specialized companies have no experience in ECG measurement and this is where they become potential customers for Medlab modules".

Another application is the triggering of other medical devices, for example CT- MRI- and PET-scanners, Lithotripters and gamma cameras. These devices, during several procedures, need to be synchronized to the patient's systole. For these applications, the EG05000 has its own, highly precise and isolated output.

The module uses a 32-Bit microcontroller to sample the ECG over a 24-Bit AD Converter, also in demanding applications.
Communication with the host system is established over a serial- or a CAN bus interface.

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