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New low inertia motor for medical respirator

Electromag is specialized in the design, production and sales of high-performance miniature brushless motors for the medical industry. The company has developed a significant experience in the field of medical respirators.
In these applications, a brushless motor is used to drive a blower that delivers a high-pressure and low flow into the patient’s lungs. To follow the patient’s breathing pattern, the motor must be able to accelerate and decelerate quickly. During inhalation, the rapid acceleration forces air into the patient’s lungs while during exhalation, it prevents exhaling against a positive pressure.
Recent developments in medical respirators have focused on systems with lower inertia motors. A first advantage of reduced inertia motors is to improve the breathing comfort of the patient because the pressure profile of the blower can match more accurately the patient’s needs. Another advantage is that the electric power consumed to accelerate and decelerate during each cycle is significantly reduced. A consequence is that the electronic circuitry is smaller and simpler and that battery-operated units can last longer.
To answer this demand, Electromag has developed a new 32 mm motor with a very low inertia rotor. The motor is designed to cover applications within a speed range of between 30,000 and 70,000 rpm with load torque of between 0.5 and 3 mNm.
Based on years of experience in the field of medical ventilators, Electromag has introduced in this new motor solutions for reducing acoustic noise and practically eliminating mechanical vibration at high-speeds.
The result is a cost-effective, ultra-quiet, high-speed motor perfectly suited for the new generation of medical respirators.