New micro diaphragm pumps for gases and vapors -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


KNF Neuberger GmbH, Membranpumpen + Systeme

New micro diaphragm pumps for gases and vapors

With the introduction of three new products, KNF Neuberger is further expanding its line of micro diaphragm pumps for gases and vapors.

The smallest of the new pumps transfers 1.8 standard liters per minute and achieves ultimate vacuum of 500 mbar absolute as well as overpressure of 500 mbar. Thanks to an oval-diaphragm pumping element, pump NMS 020 L is only 17 mm wide and weighs 32 grams, including its 6 V DV drive motor.

The second new model successfully combines a high flow rate and low pulsation with a small size and extremely quiet operation. Pump NMP 015.1.2 transfers 2.1 standard liters of gas per minute. Ultimate vacuum is 600 mbar absolute; maximum permissible overpressure in operation is 0.6 bar g. The pump is driven either by a high-quality air-core DC motor or a brushless DC motor. Customers can choose between versions with 6V and 12V rated voltage.

The third new micro diaphragm pump offers a particularly high level of performance. Model NMP 850.1.2 transfers 8.0 standard liters per minute, achieves ultimate vacuum of 230 mbar absolute and maximum pressure of 1.5 bar g in continuous operation. The unit can produce temporary overpressure of 2 bar. It is driven by a brushless DC motor with a long service life. A version is available for transferring aggressive gases and vapors. This pump can even perform two different tasks within a single application, whereby each of the two pump heads works on its own.

The diaphragm principle enables all micro diaphragm pumps from KNF to function without adding pollution or contaminating the media. These pumps exhibit high gas-tightness, require no maintenance, and have a long service life. Besides units for moving gaseous media, this manufacturer's product line also contains pumps for liquids.