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07/17/2018: Holograms against product piracy


Special: Cardiac pacemakers; Interview: Product piracy; News: Using gold nanoparticles to trigger sequential unfolding of 3D structures; News: 'Smart stent' detects narrowing of arteries; News: Biomaterial particles educate immune system to accept transplanted islets; News: Gummi candy sensors: Scientists print microelectrode arrays on soft materials; News: First 3D X-ray of a human in colour
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06/15/2018: Versatile and flexible


Interview: Protein nanofibers: building blocks of future medical technology; Special: Powerful key to a finished product: batteries for pacemakers; News: New technology for enzyme design; News: New nanoparticles help to detect serious scarring of wounds; News: New material detects the amount of UV radiation and helps monitor radiation dose
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05/15/2018: Teamwork in the chest


Special: Cardiac pacemakers: powerful teamwork in small format; Interview: Protein nanofibers: building blocks of future medical technology; News: Ultrasound helmet would make live images, brain-machine interface possible; News: Luke Skywalker's hand inspires scientists to create robotic skin; News: New tool for infection prevention
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04/16/2018: Patient samples: safe packaging, safe shipping


Special: Laboratory samples; Video: Arriving safely in the laboratory; News: Robotics takes mass spec to the third dimension; News: Drug or duplicate?; News: World's first biosensor chips based on copper and graphene oxide; News: Berkeley engineers build smallest wireless nerve stimulator
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03/15/2018: Millirobot: a revolution in minimally invasive surgery?


Video: Mobile millirobot for minimally invasive surgery; News: Why the world looks stable while we move; News: Light-activated cancer drugs without toxic side effects: fresh insight; News: Revolutionizing Cancer Research with Diamond
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02/15/2018: Safely packed during transport


Video: New Technologies for Microimplants - The CerMet technology; Special: Twofold protective shield: Packaging for patient samples; News: AMU Team designs an innovative life-saving stethoscope; News: NTU scientists create customizable, fabric-like power source for wearable electronics; News: Microcapsules gain a new power - scavenging reactive oxygen species
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01/15/2018: Radiation in medicine – damage and benefits


Interview: Radiation protection in medicine; Video: BiomaTiCS; Special: 3D printing - Bone replacement; News: Fewer laboratory animals thanks to secondary nanobodies; News: Using MRI to understand why some women go into early labor
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