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Not only Qi - New 20 Watt Wireless Power System Solution

20 watt pot coil for power transmission and transfer board with PCB- and inserted pot-coil

A new highlight in the series of Wireless Power developments in RRC is a proprietary 20-Watt transmitter / receiver system solution.

There are four advantages compared with known Qi-solutions: Optimization of dynamic load changes, bi-directional data transfer, compact design and a more favorable price-performance ratio.

A major drawback of the Qi standard is the interference-prone data transfer in rapid load changes, due to its impedance modulation specification. This can result in the worst case to abort the power transfer. The solution is to separate the power from the data channel, so that dynamic load variations are compensated. Both the transmitter and receiver unit has two separate coils that are integrated into a coupled transfer unit, and thus the power transfer is split from the data transfer. Due to this integrated coil design, the coil size is the same and the electronics is only slightly larger at the Qi variants. The separation of the coils described above, as well as a new modulation method, there is now also the possibility of bi-directional data transfer. Another plus is the much faster data transfer compared to the Qi standard. This new technology features offer advanced capabilities at an attractive price-performance ratio