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11/17/2017: Look back at COMPAMED 2017


Press release: Significant international impact: MEDICA and COMPAMED's trump card; Video: Materials at COMPAMED 2017; Video: Small size medical technology – miniaturization at COMPAMED 2017; Photo gallery: Voices from COMPAMED 2017; Video: Product development: Experts for every step at COMPAMED 2017; Photo gallery: Pumps
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11/10/2017: Resorbable implants: the future of 3D printing?


Special: 3D printing and bioprinting; Interview: Long-term implants; News: Artificial intelligence to evaluate brain maturity of preterm infants; News: Mantis shrimp-inspired camera enables glimpse into hidden world; News: In a first for wearable optics, researchers develop stretchy fiber to capture body motion
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10/16/2017: Implants with memory


Video: Shape memory alloys – adaptable implants through thermodynamic coupling; Interview: "FlyPi"; News: New proton 'starter' for optogenetics; News: Meeting an unmet need: A surgical implant that grows with a child; News: Watertight capsules for target drug delivery
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09/15/2017: Laboratory systems from the 3D printer


Video: Shape memory alloys – adaptable implants through thermodynamic coupling; Special: Miniature sensor technology: flexible control of intraocular pressure in glaucoma; Interview: "FlyPi": an affordable do-it-yourself microscope system; News: Early diagnostic imaging to prevent kidney disease
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08/15/2017: Small, smaller, implants


Special: Miniaturisation of implants – complex functions in minimal space; News: Early diagnostic imaging to prevent kidney disease; News: Electrical grounding technique may improve health outcomes of NICU babies; News: Bioprinted veins reveal new drug diffusion details; News: Silk 'micrococoons' could be used in biotechnology and medicine; News: Innovative nanosensor for disease diagnosis
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