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03/15/2017: Silk of green lacewings for medical technology


Interview: Artificial silk of green lacewings for medical technology; Video: Shapes, colors, safety – Re-Design in medical technology; Special: Medical device design: usability is everything; News: Tiny fibers open new windows into the brain; News: Organ-on-a-chip mimics heart's biomechanical properties; News: New 'tougher-than-metal' fiber-reinforced hydrogels
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02/15/2017: Re-Design of products


Special: From old to new – Re-Design of well-known products; News: Toward a 'smart' patch that automatically delivers insulin when needed; News: Wearable: low-cost sensor to measure skin hydration; News: New technology for varicose treatment; News: Microoptics: Smarter and faster way to replicate complex freeform structures
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01/17/2017: Surgery with microwave plasma


Video: 3D Printer – Implants at the push of a button; Special: Functionality: Different implants require special materials; Interview: Surgery: precise incisions with microwave plasma; News: "Pulling" bacteria out of blood; News: Manufacturing platform makes intricate biocompatible micromachines; News: New material in the fight against hospital-acquired infections
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12/15/2016: Epilepsy: Sensor increases patient safety


Video: Epilepsy - Wearable sensor improves patient safety; Special: "All Roads Lead to Rome"– Different Implants for Different Patients; News: Neurorobotic hand exoskeleton restores grasp function to quadriplegics; News: New capsule achieves long-term drug delivery; News: Tiny gold particles could be the key to developing a treatment for pancreatic cancer
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11/21/2016: That was COMPAMED 2016


Video: Visitor voices and impressions - a day at COMPAMED; Video: Digitalization - networked sensor technology at COMPAMED 2016; Photo gallery: The colorful diversity of COMPAMED; Video: Exhibitors of COMPAMED 2016
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