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One Person Alone Can Do a Lot, But as a Team We Can Reach Greater Achievements

Wipak Winnovations
Winnovations is a new Wipak way to provide added value for the medical device manufacturers and health care professionals. This approach is named integrating three magic words: Innovation, Win and Wipak. Winnovations theme collects several Wipak development projects together. Many are related to Wipak’s product research and development targeting to new generation medical packaging solutions, and some for improving Wipak’s services and operations. The assortment of projects is a living entity. Whenever new ideas emerge, they may be prioritized to be part of Winnovations.
Development and research is not a new thing – it has been done for ever. But what is many times missed is the continuous communication with the end-users to make sure that the supplier stays on a right track and understands the needs of the customer. As a heart of the Winnovations communication, Wipak has published a brand new web site at: Wipak will be providing continuous status updates and invite also other packaging professionals to join them in winnovating.
With increased transparency, involving all stakeholders Wipak aims to accelerate the efforts in reaching mutual targets. One person alone can do a lot, but as a team we can reach greater achievements. Wipak invites everyone to come along to winnovate.