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Charles Austen Pumps Ltd.

Our Revolutionary Pumping Principle Explained

Our Rotary Diaphragm technology is a revolutionary pumping principle - displayed perfectly in our RD5 model. With a flow rate of 5l/min and a lift of 8 metres, the RD5 is the perfect pump for applications such as haematology equipment, body cooling and environmental monitoring.

Our unique reinforced diaphragm provides a service life 10 times that of a peristaltic pump and because the RD5 doesn’t use valves, the non clogging systems will even pump jellies and dissolved solids. With self priming and reversible pump action the RD5 liquid pump
comes in variations of AC or DC voltage - perfect for either hot or cold liquids.

Revolutionary Pumping Principle

Making all of these advantages possible is our advanced rotary diaphragm technology. The liquid is drawn into the pump by vacuum, then mechanically driven within a reinforced elastomer diaphragm to the outlet under pressure. This system will even tolerate suspended solids and light slurries but also happily runs dry. Please contact us for more information and other applications info@charlesausten.com