Porex Technologies GmbH

POREX presents innovative medical materials and filters

POREX® Medical Materials and Filters featuring an intricate network of open-celled, omni-directional pores, are fabricated from a wide array of polymer groups ranging in performance from PTFE to high-density polyethylene. Designed to help deliver precision, accuracy and reliability, POREX Medical Materials and Filters exemplify the design standards required in many challenging filtration, venting, wicking, diffusion and media support applications.

Porex Technologies comprehensive range of medical materials and filters include pipette tip filters, self-sealing vents for suction and fluid canisters, arterial syringe and IV catheter vents, sterilization filters and conjugate release material for rapid diagnostic tests. In Biotech and Molecular Diagnostic applications POREX Medical Materials and Filters are used in traditional diagnostics and in DNA/RNA isolation and Solid Phase Extraction sample preparation.