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PRS 500 B - "three clicks" leading to the perfect X-ray image

Interview with Björn Salwat, Managing Director Commercial, PROTEC GmbH & Co, KG

X-ray technology is as important in human medicine as ever. However, the requirements placed on X-ray equipment and systems are constantly increasing. They must be highly precise and user-friendly. PROTEC therefore develops perfectly matched complete X-ray systems for reliable and precise imaging. The company is now launching a new product, the PRS 500 B - a complete motorised system.

In this interview, Björn Salwat explains which features render the PRS 500 B particularly interesting, for whom the product is of interest and which role the keyword “intuitive user guidance“ plays in this current expansion of the product range.

Mr. Salwat, can you briefly summarize to what extent the PRS 500 B is particularly innovative?

Björn Salwat: Our new PRS 500 B is a motorized X-ray system with intelligent tracking functions - a novelty in PROTEC's product range that will open up new customer segments for us and our sales partners! As a user, for example, you can position the patient on the table or in front of the wall stand and then select an application in the software. The system adjusts itself accordingly by autotracking.
Imagine, for example: a patient is placed in front of the wall stand to be be x-rayed. The bucky of the wall stand, i. e. the image receiver, will be positioned automatically. On the other hand, the autotracking function automatically aligns the X-ray tube as a radiation source. In addition, the light of the depth diaphragm is automatically switched on. This has the advantage that the user does not have to walk back and forth to manually align the radiation source and receiver. Our new product therefore offers more efficiency, higher precision and a high degree of user-friendliness in handling. The user can always remain present and focused on the patient, which creates a much more pleasant and patient-oriented situation. Furthermore, the system combines robust construction and high design standards. The system's numerous features are paired with a high level of installation and service friendliness, which also offers ongoing cost advantages for the customer.

For whom is your new product of particular interest?

Björn Salwat: Thanks to motorisation with automatic tracking control, the PRS 500 B system offers our sales partners access to the customer segment of large radiological practices, clinics and hospitals of all sizes, where speed and ease of use are particularly important due to the large number of patients.
It is also obvious: for a system of such a high quality and equipment as the PRS 500 B with its extremely high-quality components and features, there is an excellent price-performance ratio. Its equipment enables maximum versatility in application, so that even wand stand systems, which are used especially in clinics and hospitals and have been constructed very elaborately - hence much more expensive in acquisition and maintenance - can be easily replaced by the floor-guided PRS 500 B system, while at the same time saving significant costs.

Which software is used for the new product?

Björn Salwat: With the PRS 500 B, our established CONAXX2 software controls the system and modality. With this software, the focus lies again on user-friendliness and ease of use. True to the motto "With three clicks to the perfect X-ray image", uncomplicated operation is also very important here. In addition, the user can automate the workflow and the individual steps or set up the software according to the user's specific requirements. Intuitive user guidance is vital to us. Therefore, you can quickly familiarize yourself with our software. Symbols and buttons make the next operating steps intuitively understandable and immediately comprehensible.

Can you summarize the advantages of the motorized system in a nutshell?

Björn Salwat: More efficiency, better work precision, optimized workflow and high user-friendliness.

Where can I find out more about your new product?

Björn Salwat: As last year, we have set up a large screen wall at MEDICA 2017 in Hall 12, Stand A63 to show our product film for the PRS 500 B. Our employees are available for all inquiries and visitors are very welcome to inform themselves.

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