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Teleflex Medical OEM

PTFE and FEP Reinforced Catheters

Teleflex Medical OEM now offers a comprehensive range of Fluoropolymer Lined reinforced catheter capability from its European facility in Limerick, Ireland.

Teleflex Medical OEM, a pre-eminent global outsource provider focusing on medical devices and orthopedic surgical instruments, offers our high performance FEP & PTFE-lined braid-reinforced catheter. Fluoropolymers materials are the preferred choice due to their excellent lubricity over other materials – this facilitates the ease of delivery of the device for the clinician.

Teleflex Medical OEM offers flat & round wire braided/coiled in multiple patterns to meet a wide variety of applications such as stent delivery for coronary, peripheral and neurovascular applications. Sizes that are available range from 2F through to 35F. Shafts can be provided with or without a thermally fused tip stem and atraumatic tip.
Available Configurations:
 Coiled Reinforced Tubing
 Braided proximal, coiled distal
 Braided multiple lumen
 Single or multiple durometer segments
 Steerable technology
 Customised atraumatic tip
 Wall-embedded, precious metal marker band for enhanced distal procedural visualization

Benefits of PTFE:
 Superior surface lubricity
 Cryogenic Stability
 Etching capability
 Chemical resistant properties
 Electrical Properties

Benefits of FEP:
 Excellent surface lubricity
 Etching capability
 Chemical resistant properties
 Electrical Properties
 Melt Formable
 Gamma Sterilizable

About Teleflex Medical OEM
Teleflex Medical OEM is a preeminent global outsource provider that focuses on medical devices, orthopedic surgical instruments and implants. From concept development to manufacturing solutions, the company provides dedicated engineering and technical services to ensure the successful transition from concept through development, manufacturing and product packaging. Teleflex Medical OEM has extensive expertise in the cardiovascular, orthopedic/spinal, urology, gynecology and pain management markets.
About Teleflex Incorporated
Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) is a diversified company with revenues of $2.65 billion in 2006. Teleflex designs, manufactures and distributes quality-engineered products and services for the automotive, medical, aerospace, marine, and industrial markets worldwide. Headquartered in Limerick,
Pa. USA, with operations in 24 countries, Teleflex employs more than 20,000 people worldwide who focus on providing innovative solutions for customers. Additional information about Teleflex can be obtained from the Company's website at or on t he Teleflex Medical OEM website at