Partner for Parts Manufacturing Made of Polymer -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Biwi SA

Partner for Parts Manufacturing Made of Polymer

The Swiss Company Biwi has specialized for more than 30 years in moulding of rubber, plastic and silicone.

Biwi offers full solution from material formulation up to product packaging:
- Choice of appropriate polymer
- 3D modelling of components
- Rapid prototyping
- Tooling manufacturing
- Injection or compression moulding
- Assembly (option)
- Packaging
Biwi includes specific technologies, such as:
- Bond between elastomer and metal, ceramic or diamond
- Thin coating
- Development of fiber thermoplastic
- Creation of nano-technological polymer and high-resistance / ultra-light material

Furthermore Biwi is certified ISO 9001 and ISO and produces parts according to BfR, FDA and REACH standards.