Photo gallery: Voices from the COMPAMED 2014 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Voices from the COMPAMED 2014

At the opening of the COMPAMED we toke some pictures from exhibitors and visiters of the trade fair. They have high expectations.

Photo: Oliver Bludau
Oiver Bludau visits the COMPAMED with the company OSYPKA AG now for approximately ten years. "It is one of the most important traide fairs in this section", says Mister Bludau. The company offers services in synthetic and metal processing.
Photo: Maria Barcole
Maria Barcole from Ecuador visits the COMPAMED for the second time. She is looking for new technologies, new markets and interessting business contacts.
Photo: Niek Asbroek
At the communal booth of VDL Healthcare Technologies are 85 affiliated companies present. They exhibit at the COMPAMED for a few years, because many of their customers visit the trade fair.
Photo: Mrs. Eisener und Mrs. Kornschober
Ist the first visit of the COMPAMED for Mrs. Eisener, Mrs. Konrschober is here for the second time. The two austrian women want to collect new impressions. They think about exibiting at her owen in the next year.
Photo: Anne Legain and Benoît Studlé
The company STATICE exhibits at the communal booth France. For Anne Legain and Benoît Studlé it is the sixth time at the COMPAMED. In the first place they are looking for new contacts beyond France. "The COMPAMED is a very interesting traide fair, where we especially want to make new contacts with german clients."
Photo: Andé Todt
For the seventh time Andé Todt from the Swiss company asetronics exhibits at the COMPAMED to expand their clientele and represent their products. "The COMPAMED is the most international and prestigious traid fair in this scope.", says Mister Todt.
Photo: Axel Storz
It's the fisrt time for Axel Storz from the Fraunhofer project team for automation in medicin and biotechnology at the Fraunhofer communal booth. He hopes to make contact to interesting suppliers and to possible cooperations.
Photo: Tina Klaus and Matthias Wessele
Tina Klaus and Matthias Wesseler from Germany visit the trade fair spontaneous. They came for the COMPAMED nearly every year to visit their provider and talk about practical projects. „At the COMPAMED there are practically all of our provider“.
Photo: Herr Mairhörmann
Mister Mairhörmann comes from Starnberg and wants to get some new impressions. He is provider for machine manufacturer and is looking for new business contacts. With his company he exhibits at the COMPAMED for severeal times. Alltogether it is his 20th time at the trade fair.
Photo: Daniel Lintell
To Daniel Lintell of DCA from Great Britain the COMPAMED is the most suitable und biggest trade fair to meet new customers. They have been exhibitors for many years now.
Photo: Anne Penberthy
Anne Penberthy from London visits the COMAPMED for the 15th time now. This year she meets up with many employers and hopes to see a few new developments.
Photo: Jürgen Feyerherd
Jürgen Feyerherd from the company OPTIMA life science GmbH exhibits already for the tenth time at the COMPAMED. They present their advancements and hope to establish contact with new customers as well as cultivate their existing contacts.
Photo: Herr Kaiser and Herr Klemp
Mister Kaiser and Mister Klemp came all the way from Switzerland to cultivate their business contacts. They visit the COMPAMED already for the 20th time and are about to visit their prime suppliers.