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PARItec GmbH

Piezo Pump Built from Innovative Materials

Paritec GmbH develops and produces piezo membrane pumps and, as a systems service provider, offers complete microfluidic solution concepts. With its new piezo-driven O-run membrane pump, the company presents an innovation that can be integrated flexibly in a wide variety of medical technology products.
The miniaturized O-run is based on the MICRO-run technology developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer institute IZM and employs innovative combinations of biocompatible materials. The pump chamber consists of high-quality stainless steel, enabling even aggressive media to be handled without problems. Valves made of resistant silicon provide consistently reliable pump performance and a long service life. A nonslip, stable, and chemical-resistant plastic body encases the pump workings. Direction of flow is displayed clearly by arrows.
The low installation height and flat geometry of the O-run pump mean that it can be built into compact product designs. This pump covers flow ranges of 0.05 to 100 ml/min (water), features high counterpressure resistance up to 500 mbar (water), and is self-aspirating and gas-bubble tolerant. With its high output capability, it manages viscosities as high as 1,000 mPa. The O-run therefore can be used to transport such media as glycerine, for example.
The spectrum of application for the O-run piezo membrane pump comprises therapeutic, respiratory, diagnostic, and infusion systems, mobile and stationary laboratory devices, and industrial production and test systems of all kinds.
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