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Plug-in and DIN-rail Versions of Technosoft ISCM Drives

Based on the MotionChipTM technology, Technosoft’s ISCM4805 / ISCM8005 Intelligent Servo Control Modules combine motion controller, drive and PLC functionality in a single compact unit. They are flexible solutions, particularly adapted for distributed and coordinated control of brushless, DC, linear or step motors up to 240W, 80V.
Configurations include two mounting styles: the ISCM4805 / ISCM8005 plug-ins for direct mounting on printed circuit boards (PCB) and ISCM4805 DIN for attaching to a standard DIN-rail using incorporated DIN-rail clips.
The credit card format of the ISCM plug-ins – just 80x50x17 mm – makes them ideal for mounting in narrow-space applications. The use of slot connectors instead of screw type contacts will help machine developers to save time, design a clean PCB that houses all the components, and get rid of all the cables.

Thanks to their embedded motion controller, the ISCMs can easily be programmed to independently execute complex TML motion functions on the EasyMotion Studio platform with Technosoft Motion Language (TML), in stand-alone or multi-axis configurations. This drastically reduces the load on the master, which can simply call the motion functions and then wait for execution confirmation. Motion programming can also be done via a PC host using motion libraries (C, VB, Delphi, Labview) or a PLC using various compatible libraries. The drives can run multi-mode motion operations as torque, speed, position, contouring, profiling, e-cams and step motor emulation. Typical feedback devices include tacho generators, incremental encoders, digital or linear Halls. Ready-to-run starter kits are also available to help evaluate the drives and develop final motion applications.

Cost-optimized design and networking possibilities (RS-232, CAN, CANopen or Ethernet through an external adapter) make the ISCM intelligent modules valuable universal drive solutions that are ideally suited for distributed control systems, packaging equipment, printing, textile, automotive, pick-and-place or factory automation applications.

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