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PolyOne Collaborates With Siemens to Develop Non-Lead Radiation Protection

NEW YORK – PolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL) today announced that it has worked together with Siemens Healthcare to develop non-lead radiation shielding components for Siemens’ newest line of CT (computed tomography) scanners. PolyOne will display similar components this week at the MD&M East exhibition, booth 2313.

As a result of the close collaboration among PolyOne, Siemens, and Reiter-HG Geiger, Siemens was able to design and produce components with radiation shielding performance equal to lead while eliminating machining and reducing shielding costs compared to traditional machined metal and lead parts.

Trilliant™ Healthcare Radiation Shielding Compound also enabled Siemens to benefit from:

Reduced health and environmental impact: RoHS-compliant, alternative to lead
System cost reduction: Machining, assembly and regulatory costs reduced compared to lead
Radiation-shielding performance: Equivalent to lead
Parts consolidation: Minimized assembly requirements
Design freedom: Ability to shield areas more effectively due to increased design flexibility

Looking for a solution

Siemens Healthcare is one of the world's largest suppliers to the healthcare industry. For its new computed tomography (CT) scanner line, designers sought a replacement for lead, a material traditionally used for internal radiation shielding components. The project also involved a component supplier, Reiter-HG Geiger, a highly sophisticated injection molding company specializing in demanding applications.

The Material Technology team at Siemens Healthcare decided to switch to a non-lead solution in order to stay one step ahead of a potential RoHS regulatory ban on lead. The team also wanted to explore the benefits of injection molding to increase productivity, eliminate machining, and expand design freedom for these components.

Together with Reiter-HG Geiger, the Siemens team began the search for an eco-conscious replacement that would effectively shield X-rays up to 140 keV while offering additional manufacturing benefits. Two different application areas were targeted initially: a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) controller unit, and shielding plates for various electronic components linked to each of the numerous detector elements.

To protect sensitive electronic components from degradation due to X-ray exposure during a CT scan, shielding elements are necessary. Traditionally, designs have required parts produced by machining or casting lead. Those lead-based components necessitated a great deal of care in handling and required assembly using hot cure adhesives. For a replacement, the team sought an injection moldable material having equivalent radiation shielding performance as compared to lead and providing uniform shielding with no “hot spots.”

Collaboration produces results

Working together with Siemens and Reiter-HG Geiger, PolyOne’s technical team enabled the switch from lead with new material solutions based on a high-density, metallic filled material, Trilliant™ Healthcare Radiation Shielding Compound. This highly filled polymer, based on PolyOne’s Gravi-Tech™ technology, addressed healthcare industry needs and regulations.

Extensive material evaluation at Siemens demonstrated that the Trilliant™ material blocked radiation at levels equal to those of pure lead. Furthermore, excellent dispersion of the metallic filler avoided “hot spots” where radiation could leak out.

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