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New highlights in the MEDICA programme - outlook report


The number of people in Germany who work in the health sector increased to more than seven million for the first time in 2016. The industrial side of the healthcare sector alone now employs a good 900,000 people and consequently more than 100,000 more people than the automotive industry does (according to BMWi / GGR, VDA).
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11th COMPAMED Spring Convention shines a spotlight on microfluidics - a key topic for modern laboratory medicine


The COMPAMED Spring Convention has established itself as a meeting point for experts: developers, producers and service partners in the medical technology industry. This annual event offers a snapshot of COMPAMED, the worldwide leading market platform for suppliers in medical manufacturing, which takes place every year in Düsseldorf from 13 to 16 November 2017.
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COMPAMED 2016: Top platform for suppliers for building up business relationships with the medical technology industry


“Together we are strong” – this slogan describes the lively atmosphere and intensive programme of events at COMPAMED 2016 in Düsseldorf (14 – 17 November) perfectly.
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MEDICA and COMPAMED 2016 provide a powerful stimulus for the international medical technology industry


Once again, the world’s biggest medical trade fair MEDICA and the leading international supplier trade fair COMPAMED, which take place in Düsseldorf, have provided a powerful stimulus for the international medical technology industry.
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COMPAMED 2016: The ‘mega-trend’ of digitisation has reached medical technology and thus also its suppliers


“Digitisation presents great opportunities for the healthcare sector in an increasingly ageing society in which a growing number people suffer from chronic illnesses. Digitisation can help diseases to be detected earlier, the duration of hospital stays to be reduced and people's mobility to be extended with the aid of tele-medicine, apps or care robots,” writes the German Medical Association.
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10th COMPAMED Spring Convention: expert forum focuses on the megatrend of personalised and individualised medicine


"New insights into the molecular processes of life enhance our understanding of health and disease. Individualised medicine seeks to put those insights to use for all: for tailored prevention, diagnosis and treatment," goes the Federal Ministry of Health and Research's description of individualised medicine, an approach commonly also known as personalised or personal medicine.
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