Printing electronics - organically -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Printing electronics - organically

Interview with Dr. Gerardo Hernandez-Sosa, Group Leader Printed Electronics Group at InnovationLab, Head of BMBF Junior Research Group "BioLicht", Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT

Some things are made to last, others are not. Electronics and electronic components are one of the former. After they are discarded, they put a huge burden at the environment since they do not decompose and potentially contain hazardous materials. The solution to this problem could be their production from biodegradable materials in a process that allows for mass production - by printing.


Photo: Gerardo Hernandez-Sosa; ©Tanja Meißner/ KIT

Dr. Gerardo Hernandez-Sosa; ©Tanja Meißner/ KIT

Photo: Circuits

Future printed electronics coul be programmed with a certain life span after which they start to decompose; © MauMyHa

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann