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Pro-phylactic - Strong drive solutions for a life of movement

Drive technology for medical and rehabilitation technology
An outstanding showcase of drive technology celebrates its premiere at the Compamed. Technology expert ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik presents efficient and intelligent drive concepts for medical and rehabilitation technology.

Lauf an der Pegnitz, 17 November 2010 -
Based on its exciting innovations, ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik has been maintaining and further expanding its leadership position for medical and rehabilitation technology for over 40 years. One of the absolute highlights of this fair is the special planetary gear motor, which is installed in highly sensitive blood pumping devices for dialysis machines. Its unique feature – a lifetime of 40,000 hours. No other provider comes close to matching this excellent performance. Another highlight is the compact and absolutely smooth planetary Performax® 42 gear motor. It reliably moves the motorised movement tracks for knee and hip joints, and ensures rapid treatment success. Also worthy of mention are the powerful and user-friendly direct drives in mobile operating tables for increasingly heavy patients. The EtaCrown® 75 angle gearhead ensures powerful drives and reliable positioning devices without compromising on flexibility. ZEITLAUF® antriebstechik's trendsetting technology offers 100 % reliability. It is unlikely that the market can offer a better therapy for drive solutions.

There are no compromises in medical technology. The demands that are permanently put on medical devices include reliable drive solutions, safe operations and an extremely long lifetime along with a minimum of noise. The innovative compact motor technology by ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik exceeds these requirements and does even more when it comes to medical and rehabilitation technology. Based on its future-oriented technology, it opens up a number of different and technologically outstanding opportunities for the further development of high-quality products. Three sample applications illustrate the high performance of the innovative gear motors by ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik:

- Blood pump drive in dialysis machines:
Drives used for this application area must be absolutely precise, smooth and in particular long-lasting. Thanks to the special planetary gear motor, the treatment method of haemodialysis can be used even more effectively on patients. It drives the pumps which pump the blood back into the body, and provides the required safety for the application. With a lifetime of 40,000 hours, this gear motor is unique in the market.

- Movement tracks for therapy equipment:
The smooth planetary gearhead Performax® 42 reliably moves a motorised movement track for the knee in terms of extension and flection - with the objective of achieving optimum muscle development. The high-performance planetary gear motor contributes to ensuring that patients experience faster treatment success, that joint movement is significantly improved and hence pain can be noticeably reduced.

- Drive/Positioning of OP tables:
Mobile operating tables provide maximum flexibility, user-friendliness and in particular high performance for operating processes. These considerable requirements can be reliably implemented in hospital routines using the EtaCrown® 75 angle gearhead by ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik. A powerful drive and a reliable positioning device guarantee a table design which provides a high degree of mobility and stability without compromising on flexibility.

Convincing without compromise
Today, drive specialist ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik is one of the leading technology companies for spur, planetary and angle gearheads with crown technology. In addition to its standard product programme, which is designed as a modular system, the company's extensive engineering competence is also reflected in its strong orientation to customer-specific solutions and customised developments in view of state-of-the-art and energy-efficient aspects. Based on a strong application-oriented philosophy, many of these customised developments advance to industry-wide standards.

The system provider for mechatronic drive systems has already developed a series of innovative solutions for medical and rehabilitation technology.
- Pump systems (dialysis technology, heparin and peristaltic pumps)
- Physiotherapy equipment (rehabilitation and training equipment)
- Lifter systems (patient lifters, stair lifters and ceiling hoists)
- Bed, daybed and chair adjuster systems (OP tables, dentist chairs)
- Wheelchair systems (traction drives, auxiliary drives for wheelchairs)
- Diagnostic imaging (computer tomography)
- Medical auxiliary equipment (mixing equipment for casting materials, seal and film-sealing equipment)

“Absolute precision, reliability and energy efficiency are our top priorities when it comes to the development of our products. These requirements must be implemented for all industries in which we are active. But it is particularly in medical technology where even the smallest error can have fatal consequences. Therefore our customers rely on our high quality and long-standing engineering competence in medical technology. In our role as innovator, we are able to cover the spectrum from standard models to customer-specific all-in-one solutions thanks to our own basic developments. In this process, we maintain constant dialogue with our customers, as it is the only way to develop a drive design that is optimally aligned to requirements”, assures CEO Thomas Horz.

Highest quality at all company levels
ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik offers a wide range of products and services:
- 4,039 different drive solutions from the unique standard modular system that features outstanding performance density and application options.
- “Assembling on demand”: Rapid and customised combination of required components with the highest perfection.
- 48-hour service: Once the order is received, a specially configured drive is available for shipping within 48 hours (for quantities of up to 20 units).
- Keep-Word-Warranty: ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik sets the stage with its unique warranty promise, which includes the free replacement or repair of defective gear motors twice per year and preparation of an error log for the cause of the failure (for each return shipment). In the event of an overload of the gear motor, replacement with a more powerful solution and full credit for the original drive.
- Online Shop for the standard modular system: The unique product configurator found on the Internet portal can be used to assemble all 4,039 solutions according to individual requirements.
- Free 2D/3D retrieval of all gear motors in popular CAD formats.

ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik is considered an innovator in the industry, which continuously sets new standards in the entire industry based on its new product developments. They include:
- the intelligent standard modular system that is unrivalled in the market.
- the revolutionary EtaCrown® angle gearhead which has broken through the current technical limits of conventional crown gearheads and newly defined the possibilities of angle gearheads.
- the NoiselessPlus series with its unbeatable smoothness and lifetime.
- the unique Performax® Plus further development. This planetary gearhead convinces with its extremely high torque and especially robust design, and is ideally suited for use in rough and tough conditions.

About the company
ZEITLAUF® was founded in 1957. The company first produced timers, and subsequently developed a broad range of products consisting of spur, planetary and angle gearheads with crown technology and customer-specific special solutions, which allowed the company to develop into a technology leader. As an expanding and globally active owner-managed company, the drive expert currently employees 262 staff, including 20 apprentices. ZEITLAUF® antriebstechnik received the “Total E-Quality” rating for its future-oriented human resources policy in the summer of 2009. In 2010, the drive specialist was awarded the Top Job seal of approval for the second time, making the company one of Germany's 100 most attractive medium-sized employers.

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