Product Design & Innovation Conference 15th & 16th May, Oval Cricket Ground, London -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Kinneir Dufort Design Ltd.

Product Design & Innovation Conference 15th & 16th May, Oval Cricket Ground, London

Product Design & Innovation Conference
Launched in 2011, the PD&I Conference is now the leading independent conference in Europe for product and industrial designers. Product Design + Innovation offers delegates a forum of debate, education and networking with many leaders and influencers within the product design community, facilitating an exchange of innovative ideas and approaches to working in a competitive global environment.

The conference speakers provided an insight into the latest trends, developments, opinions and the future of product design, manufacture and sustainable innovation. Leading product designers - including Kinneir Dufort’s Design Director, Craig Wightman - discussed the opportunities presented by people-focused innovation in healthcare in the afternoon session of Thursday 16th May. The Consumerisation of Healthcare session examined the role product design can play in the complete cycle of an individual’s care: from disease prevention, screening and diagnosis, through to treatment, monitoring and health management.

Craig Wightman, Design Director Kinneir Dufort:

“Healthcare is in the middle of a re-invention. Consumer technologies and services are increasingly empowering consumers to become the masters of their own health,” observes PD+I panellist Craig Wightman. Craig has 25 years’ experience in design and, having had previous spells in design consultancy and manufacturing, has been Design Director at Kinneir Dufort since 1997.