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Rapid Response Program: Manifold-in-a-Week

Accelerate your time to market with industry-leading manifold prototypes - from order to delivery in 7 days.

Photo: Transparent plastic component for micro fluidics; Copyright: IDEX Health & Science

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IDEX Health & Science is a leading component and technology supplier specialized in component integration that results in innovative and optimized OEM fluidic systems. To speed up our customer’s time to market we developed a Rapid Response Program to bring our expertise and products faster to the instruments yet in development. Visit us: Hall 8a, Booth C04.

An essential part of our Rapid Response Program is our Manifold-in-a-week initiative. Manifolds in general provide the shortest fluid path possible providing faster test results and a smaller system footprint. Because manifolds require fewer fittings and connections, leaks points are minimized resulting in less reagent waste.

We work with you to deliver manifold prototypes that shorten the development time of your fluidics design!

• Optimize the form, fit, function, and manufacturability of your fluidic path by collaborating with our experts on your designs
• Highest quality production, materials, and prototype finish
• Cost-effective option for manifold prototypes of varying sizes

Manifold prototype features
• IDEX Health & Science produces manifolds in a variety of sizes up to38 cm x 38 cm x 25 cm
• Our production manifolds allow for a wide variety of customizable materials
• We offer an extensive range of custom-machined manifold ports that can accommodate various fluidic components
• Component interfaces feature best surface finish to optimize product seal

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