Re-attachment of Soft Tissue to Bone -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Degradable Solutions AG

Re-attachment of Soft Tissue to Bone

PEEK Anchor

Degradable Solution is a OEM/CM specialized company for the development and manufacturing of resorbable and non-resorbable implants for the medical devices market. Thanks to the CE marking and/or FDA submissions of more than 12 product families, we guarantee our medtech customers a timely and cost-efficient development.

Our interdisciplinary team of highly specialized scientists and engineers will find the innovative solution for your customized product.

One of the latest products Degradable Solutions has developed and manufactured is the cillen ATM anchor.

The PEEK Anchor is intended to be used for the re-attachment of soft tissue to bone using sutures, and is designed for cranio-maxillofacial and hand/wrist indications.

The ATM anchor set consists of a PEEK anchor preloaded with a braided polyester suture with two attached needles (type HRX-13).

The ATM anchor is mounted on a single use instrument allowing easy and smooth insertion and fixation of the anchor into the bone. The release suture mechanism of the implant holder ensures excellent handling.

Thanks to the radioopacity of the PEEK material chosen for the implant, the ATM anchor positioning can be seen in CT-scans and MRIs.

The non-resorbable suture guarantees permanent fixation of the soft tissue into bone.

The set contains the appropriate drill for the preparation of the insertion site.

The ATM anchor set is CE marked. If you are interested on a future cooperation as a distributor for this product, please contact us at .