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Sensirion AG

Reliable Monitoring of Dynamic Dosing Applications

SLI liquid flow meter for low flow ranges
The Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion AG announces the universal SLI Series for the measurement of liquid flow in the microliter and milliliter range. No moving parts, a patented media isolated microsensor principle, and a straight 'see through' flow channel guarantee highest reliability. At the same time the chemically inert and bio compatible wetted materials (glass, PEEK™, Teflon®) assure best media compatibility for a huge number of crucial applications. SLI liquid flow meter for low flow ranges

The digital RS485 interface of the universal SLI liquid flow meters provides additional intelligence to the user. It helps reducing communication efforts by autonomously storing calibrated flow rate data in an integrated ring buffer, and by automatic integration of dosing volume over time. Therefore, the user can fully exploit the unrivalled speed of the flow meters (response time is 30 ms only) without excessive digital bus traffic. As a result, highly dynamic processes happening within a very short period of time are easy to monitor and control.

The new microsensors are made for high precision process monitoring in low volume dosing applications. This allows to significantly improving the reliability of liquid handling systems. Due to the small size and lightness of the device, it suites perfectly for the integration into industrial process control systems, applications in the pharmaceutical or the medical industry. The sensor comes with maximum flow rates from 0.05 ml/min up to 5 ml/min for water based liquids, and from 0.5 ml/min up to 80 ml/min for oil, fuel and solvents.

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