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Teleflex Medical OEM

Rotatoar Lock

Teleflex Medical OEM announces
the Rotator Lock Introducer with a PTFE Peelable Sheath/Dilator

Teleflex Medical OEM, a preeminent global outsource provider focusing on medical devices and orthopedic surgical instruments, now offers an introducer with PTFE peelable sheath/dilator and rotator lock.

This new generation of introducer is offered by the TFX OEM brand, which offers a full range of solutions for extrusions, catheter fabrication, and custom devices (such as introducers, dilators, and OTNs) — all integral components in access, procedural and closure devices.

Features of the Rotator Lock Introducer with PTFE Peelable Sheath/Dilator include:

•Lower insertion forces during placement.
•The sheath hub incorporates a leak-free design, maximizing safety and minimizing blood loss.
•Reduced drag on catheter during placement through the sheath.
•Smooth dependable peel.
•The sheath hub splits in a unique snapping fashion, providing a clean and crisp break.
•The dilator can rotate when locked—or when tightened, it can restrict the rotation of the rotator dilator. This conscious rotating locking system minimizes the risk of accidental unlocking and dilator push back.
•The Sheath has an ergonomically designed hub, which allows for easier handling by offering:
-Raised surface for good grip.
-Smooth, round and arched underside which reduces risk of compromising surgical gloves.
-Large wings allow for easier manipulation, breaking and peeling during removal.

About Teleflex Medical OEM
Teleflex Medical OEM is a preeminent global outsource provider that focuses on medical devices,
orthopedic surgical instruments and implants. From concept development to manufacturing solutions, the
company provides dedicated engineering and technical services to ensure the successful transition from concept through development, manufacturing and product packaging. Teleflex Medical OEM has extensive expertise in the cardiovascular, orthopedic/spinal, urology, gynecology and pain management markets.
About Teleflex Incorporated
Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) is a diversified company with revenues of $2.65 billion in 2006. Teleflex designs, manufactures and distributes quality-engineered products and services for the automotive, medical, aerospace, marine, and industrial markets worldwide. Headquartered in Limerick, Pa., with operations in 24 countries, Teleflex employs more than 20,000 people worldwide who focus on providing innovative solutions for customers. Additional information about Teleflex can be obtained from the Company's website at or on t he Teleflex Medical OEM website at