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Rowa Group: Rowacare – Plastics that are permanently microbe-free

Plastic surfaces, fibers and textiles that remain permanently microbe-free in all public areas and institutions, vehicles and hospitals, and also at home and in sanitary installations – that's not a pipe dream anymore. It is reality available now from Rowacare. It has been made possible by development of tailor-made sterions that inhibit accumulation and reactivity of a wide spectrum of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi or algae over a period of many years without endangering the people coming into contact with the plastics containing them. The Rowa Group offers innovative anti-microbial solutions for a wide range of thermoplastic substances and areas of application:

One year ago, Müller Plastics successfully launched a range of sterion-based additive master batches conferring anti-microbial properties on TPE, TPU and soft and hard PVC. Sterions can also be used to give anti-microbial properties to compounds. The efficacy of this anti-microbial activity in final products, which has been confirmed by independent laboratories, opens up big new sales opportunities. Rowacare is ideal for use in a large number of applications, for example, handles and grips of consumer goods, medical instruments and apparatus, sport equipment, bicycles and rollers, especially for hospital use, sanitary installations, articles for intimate hygiene etc.

Rowa Masterbatches is also planning to introduce long-acting Rowacare sterions in products for industrial use. First trials in cooperation with selected customers have confirmed their excellent anti-microbial activity in polyolefins, polyacetals and polyamide. And excellent results are confidently expected in other plastics with which trials are still running. These manufacturers have been greatly impressed by the rapid onset and long-acting anti-microbial properties of the new additives.

Rowacare is equally suitable for producing lacquered surfaces with anti-microbial properties, where the activity of the sterions lasts for many years without any significant deterioration. Rowa Lacquer is currently testing a new sterion for external use, which possesses anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and biocidal properties. Rowa Lacquer has been marketing these new lacquer systems for some time now and reports excellent sales, especially for furnishing foils used for kitchen furniture, sanitary installations and in the medical sector. New solutions for anti-microbial lacquering of the artificial leather surfaces of items used in the medical sector, e.g. stretchers, gynecology chairs and fittings in doctors' offices, are currently in development.

Romira is giving anti-microbial properties to its Romiloy PC and PA blends and to plastic compounds from the Rotec styrene copolymer series. An innovative technology is used to anchor the active substance in a neutral vehicle that then releases highly active ions at a controlled rate. These kill the microorganisms by disabling their metabolic systems. Rowacare additive blends are formulated to develop anti-microbial activity for specific contamination profiles and areas of application. Antibacterial Rotec and Romiloy products are recommended for manufacture of articles like light switches, door handles, casings of technical equipment, suction cleaner components, ventilator fans, hand driers, towel holders and similar plastic articles of everyday use.

Rowacare additive concentrates by Rowasol are available in easy-to-handle liquid form. They permanently keep a variety of surfaces free of microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, fungi or algae. The active agent is brought "in situ" directly into the substrate, thereby anchoring it in the matrix and forming the basis for permanent protection. Conveniently, state-of-the-art dosage techniques are available as required for implementing the additive preparations even into existing production. The well-known modular system of Rowasol colour and additive concentrates enables customers to choose the requisite protection and carrier displaying the best affinity with the respective substrate.