STAR-KNOBS - Luminous Figure -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


OKW Odenwälder Kunststoffwerke Gehäusesysteme GmbH

STAR-KNOBS - Luminous Figure

A new illuminated range of standard tuning knobs is now available from OKW Gehäusesysteme GmbH in Buchen, Germany. A more suitable name could not have been chosen, for this range of knobs – like the stars in the sky – represent the visual highlights of your equipment. The fields of application are almost unlimited for rotary potentiometers or rotary pulse generators with round shaft ends in accordance with DIN 41 591, including touch function.

The STAR-KNOBS are available in the two diameters of 33 and 41 mm and in two installation versions: the "surface-mounted version" makes a great impression thanks to its main body, which is slightly inclined towards the internal axis for ergonomic operation. A 3 mm high ring can be illuminated here if required. The "flush-fitting version" is characterised by almost flush assembly using a recessed ring. The knob is illuminated by means of a ring between the recessed ring and the lid of the knob. The supplier can offer the latter as standard with and without a finger recess. The knob itself is available in 2 versions, smooth or with a knurled rim, in the tried and tested OKW knob colours of volcano (NCS 5502-G)/nero (NCS 9000-N) for an individual unit design.

For the actual illumination, OKW relies on power-saving LED technology. The PCB for this is contained in the range of accessories and has been fitted with six white LEDs. It is mounted using a snap-in technique in a special bracket, with which the knob on the front panel is also secured. This "bracket" also prevents the light from radiating backwards into the appliance. Two openings also guarantee effect dissipation of the heat that arises through the power loss of the LEDs and the necessary series resistors. The bracket is also responsible for holding the potentiometer, which is secured using a ring nut. The necessary five-volt power supply must subsequently be provided individually. Different luminous colours can be obtained through the knob or the ring itself. Four translucent colours are available as standard: diamond (white), ruby (red), sapphire (blue) and emerald (green). Of course it is also possible to obtain non-illuminated versions of the STAR-KNOBS if required.