Satisfied voices of COMPAMED 2016 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Satisfied voices of COMPAMED 2016

Image: Angela Bisping and Dennis Keürhorst; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Medical students Angela Bisping and Dennis Keürhorst from Münster visit COMPAMED for the first time. "I heard about the fair on the internet", Dennis Keürhorst explains. Especially the automated packaging machine they found when they entered the hall took their interest.
Image: Christopher Hartnett; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Christopher Harnett of Ireland wants to promote his venture Oliver-Tolas at COMPAMED and meet other Ireland-based exhibitors. He's here fort he ninth time now and appreciates the world wide coverage that COMPAMED provides and the options to make excelent contacts.
Image: Oksana Karpovych; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
It's the forth time Oksana Karpovych supports SPETA as a translator at the joint stand of Singapore. She thinks that the four days of COMPAMED are still not enough. "A fifth day would give me more time to actualy see everything." She is fascinated by presentations using human test persons with actual medical gear. She wants herself to be surprised by the enormous range of goods in the next days.
Image: Steve Schulz; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Steve Schulz from Klingenthal in Saxony visits this fair for a more personal contact to his customers. "Our customers are mainly based in the West of Germany, especially in Stuttgart. Here there are many opportunities to socialize and expand contacts." INJECTA has been with COMPAMED for 16 years now, he himself visits for the second time. His main interests are small parts and automation.
Image: Nicolas Bailo; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
He was born in France and is now working in Switzerland: Nicolas Bailo covers the medtec part in his company. Visiting COMPAMED he's looking for materials and techniques regarding sterilization. "I’m also interested in surgery, because we work with implants." He likes that this fair is well organized and offers a great spectrum of topics.
Image: Vanja Olsson and Basel Kikhia; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Vanja Olsson and Basel Kikhia are from Sweden and colleagues. He wants to get some information on wearables for his start-up. Kikhia wants to socialize and make new contacts. Her main interest lies in innovations regarding diabetes. Her daughter suffers of hyperinsulinism, increased blood insulin concentration.
Image: Lysann Urban; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Lysann Urban from Radeburg wants to be inspired by biotechnology topics. She likes that COMPAMED is interesting, varied and very international. She did not have a good look around yet, but hopes to find some cooperation partners for her enterprise.
Image: Mihaela Sirel and Bianca Böke; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Mihaela Sirel and Bianca Böke of Halfar manufacture bags for medical equipment. "We often went as visitors – this year we are exhibitors ourselves." They want to find new customers and refine their technical knowledge. "Our bags are made on demand and are customized, so it’s important to see what’s new on the market."
Image: Nadine Rosenberger and Christian Grothe-Westrick; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
Christian Grothe-Westrick from Dülmen has visited COMPAMED many times. Especially lab-on-chip systems take his interest. This year he brought his colleague Nadine Rosenberger. Together they are looking for new products in dialysis.
Image: Alexander Liesen; Copyright: beta-web/Dindas
An empiric study takes Alexander Liesen from Bayreuth to COMPAMED this year, the student of business administrations is not interested in special products. With the help of 39 other students, he hands out questionnairs to exhibitors. "I am working on a term paper called 'cooperation and business modell innovation'. The exhibitors are really nice. When there’s no time at the moment, I get an appointment." COMPAMED in four words for him: "Bigger than I thought!"