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Sensirion Announces Collaboration with TrigasFI

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Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion and German firm TrigasFI have announced a collaborative partnership for the distribution and service of mass flow controllers. As a DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory for liquids and gases, TrigasFI provides recalibration and individual calibration of mass flow controllers for a wide variety of gases, in addition to distribution services. This partnership gives customers a new source of sensors for mass flow controllers in low quantities with customer-specific consulting, training and individual on-site support, along with calibration and recalibration. As a service partner, TrigasFI specializes in repairs and actual gas calibrations, optionally with DAkkS certification. Express service and on-site calibration are also available on request. TrigasFI provides these services globally for Sensirion mass flow controllers.

The first major product of the collaboration is Sensirion's well-received SCF4100 mass flow controller. This controller is based on CMOSens® Technology, which allows the fully calibrated and temperature-compensated sensor signal to be used directly on the chip for closed-loop analog control of the valve. Signal processing directly on the chip makes the mass flow controller insensitive to electromagnetic interference. The SCF4000 has an analog interface (0-5 V) and enables extremely stable and precise control of gas flows. The controller operates over a supply voltage range of 11-14 Vdc.

The joint product range will be enlarged with additional products no later than early 2013, enabling customers to obtain custom total solutions for mass flow controllers from a single source.

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