Sensirion at COMPAMED 2011 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


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Sensirion at COMPAMED 2011

Sensirion at COMPAMED 2011
Numerous new products and innovations at COMPAMED 2011:
At COMPAMED in Dusseldorf from November 16 to 18, Sensirion (hall 8a, booth H19.6) will once again be presenting new innovations in the fields of gas and liquid flow, differential pressure, humidity and temperature sensing.

Flow sensor for applications in anesthesia and ventilation

The new flow meter is based on the latest CMOSens® chip generation and features very low pressure drop, high speed and extremely high accuracy for measurements in a range up to 250 slm. The sensor additionally has an I²C interface and outputs a fully cali-brated, temperature compensated signal. The SFM3000 is the first product in Sensirion’s medical platform for mass flow sensors and is suitable for applications in anesthesia and ventilation.

SFM3000 Website:

New mass flow sensor for fluids

Along with the proven LGx16 OEM microsensor for efficient measurement of flow rates under 80 ml/min, a new flow and bubble detector is on display. The LG01 for detecting extremely low flow rates and air bubbles is a simple, cost-effective sensor and is especially suitable for integration in biomedical applications. Both sensors set standards for sensitivity, speed and size and offer attractive options for the improved control of very small fluid volumes. They allow small liquid volumes to be dispensed with substantially greater reliability.

LGx16 Website:
LG01 Webseite:

New versions of differential pressure sensors

The digital and analog differential pressure sensors in the SDP600 and SDP1000 series, which have already been used in the millions, feature excellent long-term stability combined with very high sensitivity and accuracy. Now we offer a wide range of new versions of diffe-rential pressure sensors with extended or very low measurement ranges, low power con-sumption and certified failsafe characteristics.

SDP600 Website:
SDP1000 Website: