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Sensirion is expanding its software capabilities

Sensirion became the first company in the world to integrate a humidity and temperature sensor in a smartphone, thus enabling the device to measure the ambient temperature and humidity. The primary focus was not only on the development and production of the world's smallest humidity and temperature sensor, but also on the implementation and integration of the sensor. The company is increasingly developing as a software provider and as part of this effort, Sensirion has obtained a license for the cloud software developed by Koubachi AG, thereby strengthening its position in the internet of things sector.

The internet of things, smart homes and wearables are the talk of the new economy. The basis of this is an intelligent sensor technology and its integration into the devices. Sensirion is the only company to offer the technology and its implementation from a single source, working closely with global smartphone manufacturers. The task is twofold: to develop tiny sensors and integrate them into the devices. With the integration of sensors in smartphones, wearables and smart devices, the company has evolved from a pure hardware manufacturer into a complex software provider. To enable the integration of its sensor technology, Sensirion has worked to enhance the Android API with an interface for temperature and humidity measurement and made it available as an open source solution. And Sensirion's team continues to optimize the software to this day.

Sensirion sought to establish close ties with the technology company Koubachi to ensure that it could meet growing requirements in the software sector. The start-up company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) is a pioneer in the Internet of Things. In 2010 Koubachi developed wireless, internet-connected soil moisture sensors, making it one of the first providers of 'appcessories'. "The Koubachi Smart Object Server technology enables data from hundreds of thousands of sensors to be classified and, most importantly, analyzed at the same time. We are proud that we can support Sensirion, one of the leading providers of sensor technologies, with our expertise," states Dr Philipp Bolliger, CEO of Koubachi AG.

Sensirion sees enormous potential for software products in the future as well. "In addition to sensor production, we also see ourselves as a major player in the internet of things. Sensors, together with the ever growing bandwidth and processing power of the devices and the ongoing progression to the cloud, will have a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. We want to be at the forefront of this transformation. At present, we are working on sensor solutions directly connected to the cloud and building on the technology from Koubachi," says Dr. Moritz Köhler, Head of Software Development at Sensirion.

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