Sensor suit to alert you when your posture is bad -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Sensor suit to alert you when your posture is bad

Interview with D.C.Sc. Felix Wenk, Member of Staff at the Cyber-Physical Systems Research Department at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI))

SIRKA: this acronym stands for a sensor suit for individual feedback of physical activity. In a joint project, the DFKI is developing a suit designed to prevent problems with poor posture. Inertial sensors are integrated into a work overall. Physiotherapists are also meant to benefit from the results.


Photo: Felix Wenk

Dipl.-Inf. Felix Wenk; © DFKI GmbH/ Annemarie Hirth

Photo: Man wears a boiler suit

15 inertial sensors are incorporated into the work clothes. They use the inertial sensors in the suit to determine the position of the parts of the body. The positions of the sensor are marked in the picture; © MEYER WERFT GmbH

Photo: Part of a boiler suit with logo from the company MEYER WERFT

The sensors are located in small hook-and-loop pockets that are covered with fabric. The suit wearer does not notice them; © MEYER WERFT GmbH/ Annemarie Hirth

Photo: Lorraine Dindas

© B. Frommann