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Geeplus Europe Ltd.

Shakin' All Over

Designed to provide the sensitive control of linear vibration in delicate laboratory mixing or separating applications, the new VIBRO1 from Geeplus incorporates their HAP56 actuator in an easily mounted cast body with steel flexures for support.
When energized with an AC signal, it will develop a high force over displacement of 3-4mm for excitation power of only a few watts. Similarly, the lower the frequency applied, the smaller the vibratory movement. Because the VIBR01 is actuated by the application of energy to rare earth magnets, unlike the more commonly used motorised assemblies, it has no sliding parts so is not subject to wear or mechanical faults.
The VIBRO1 has a small footprint, and can be used to generate tactile feedback for MMI applications, or as a motion generator for a number of mechanical and industrial applications such as component sorting or linear conveyors . If not required as a ready for use assembly, the HAP56 actuator is available as a stand alone component which can be designed in.