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Vauth-Sagel Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Simulation Software for the Development of Complex Plastic Products

The maxim “to fail to plan, means to plan to fail” applies in the manufacturing sector.
Which is why Vauth-Sagel utilises Auto-desk’s “Moldflow” software.

With the help of “Moldflow”, Vauth-Sagel is able to analyse and verify the construction of injection-moulding and plastic components in terms of the material’s anticipated warping properties and flow behaviour during production and, if necessary, to optimise these. Furthermore, the program can even predict the product’s ultimate quality properties.

Vauth-Sagel uses Autodesk’s “Moldflow Plastic-Insight” software to analytically examine solution approaches, to avoid potential production errors and supply customers with innovative products as quickly as possible. The aim here is to avoid any subsequent, and hence expensive, changes to the tool and to inform the customer of the quality and the respective costs in advance.

To ensure that construction decisions can be made at an early stage, Vauth-Sagel utilises the FEM software “Mechanical Simulation” from Autodesk for the mechanical design of plastic components and modules, as well as other material combinations. With the help of the software, Vauth-Sagel checks and analyses constructions before the tool is released for production. Errors, costs and time loss can be reduced in advance and frequently even avoided completely. Furthermore, this procedure reduces the number of costly and time-consuming prototypes required.
The construction concepts therefore help Vauth-Sagel supply customers with a consistently high quality.