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Smart Battery Chargers Offer Three-Phase Operation

Smart Li-Ion battery chargers from GlobTek offer conditioning, constant current, and constant voltage charging
Available in versions delivering 4.2V, 8.4V, or 12.6V at 1 A to address single- or multiple-battery configurations, the GTM91128 families of smart Li-Ion battery chargers from GlobTek offer three charging methods: conditioning, constant current, and constant voltage. The universal-input devices have a minimum current charge termination technique with timer as back up, with LED indication of charging and fully charged states. An additional feature of the smart battery charger family is that they have user-interchangeable plugs for seamless international operation.

“Today’s smart devices require smart battery systems to run them, and our GTM91128 family of battery chargers gives you the flexibility to charge single or multiple sets of batteries with intelligent management”, Ed Seaman, GlobTek VP of Sales, points out. "In addition, the ability to provide guaranteed international compatibility to the customer significantly simplifies infrastructure issues from inventory to regulatory.”

Additional features of the GTM91128 battery charger family include built-in over charge and damaged-cell detection, with a battery over-temperature protection option also available. A custom battery cradle can also be designed for specific battery form factor, if desired. All appropriate safety and EMC approvals are done and available.

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