Smart fluid handling to take you forward, faster

The utmost caution is called for when connecting apparatus to hoses in life sciences and medical technology - especially when it comes to ensuring patient safety or handling hazardous media.

Photo: Two hoses with couplings; Copyright: CPC


The safest way of connecting or disconnecting flexible hoses to devices is to use quick disconnects from CPC (Colder Products Company) – the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors for the life sciences, bioprocessing, industrial and chemical handling markets. With CPC connections, patient safety is improved, misconnections are prevented, overall usability and effectiveness of devices increases, and users are safe from the danger of coming into contact with contaminated or hazardous media.

Increased functionality

Connectors have undergone a rapid development in many respects. One of the most important aspects: Connection technologies include an increasing number of functions with today's connectors transporting more than just fluids in lines.

An option for greater functionality in quick disconnects involves the integration of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID-enabled fluid connectors allow users to avoid making incorrect connections while exchanging and recording a broad spectrum of data including device type, connected media, line connection status, fluid and product data. Intelligent couplings protect brand integrity, minimize misconnections and increase efficiency.

Reduced complexity

A further challenge for OEMs involves the number and complexity of connections in a device. A disorderly array of different cables and connectors looks highly problematic and is confusing for the user. The innovative engineers at CPC have developed an easy-to-use hybrid connector that provides an ideal solution for integrating all connection points in a single connector.

To add to design complexity, device manufacturers must ensure that each individual component remains independent. This poses real design challenges, especially at the connection point. However, hybrid connectors from CPC allow medical OEMs to solve this problem by keeping each component functioning independently.

More than just a coupling

Proven technology takes on a whole new look if a user requires more than one component or when looking for a complete application solution.

CPC has successfully developed high-quality custom solutions for a large number of specific applications. Collaboration between the OEM and CPC results in a specially manufactured coupling or the design of a complete solution representing more than a mere coupling. The advantage is clearly apparent: Device manufacturers can customize the design of the user interface to their requirements.

Systems solutions ever more important

The aim of any medical OEM is to adapt products optimally to the needs and wishes of customers. Direct cooperation enables a targeted approach to the medical device design requirements, so that each application receives a specific solution that cannot be achieved with a standard product.

The customer-focused approach is also the objective of a quality management system. CPC’s Quality Management System is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 standards.

There is a clear trend towards couplings offering greater functionality and not merely transporting media such as air or fluid. At the same time, the development of system solutions with integrated assemblies is becoming increasingly valuable for product designers and OEMs.

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