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Overview: Specials 2014

Photo: Water on lotusleaf; Copyright: panthermedia.net/evegenesis

November 2014: Bionics


Bionics are committed to rebuild natural phenomena with technical means and to use them as basis for new technologies. Already Leonardo da Vinci looked to the flight of birds for inspiration which he could use to build his flying machines. Today's medical technology takes nature as a model.
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Photo: 3D printer

August 2014: 3D printers


There is a real hype around 3D-printing. Three-dimensional objects are printed "upward" out of thermoplastic synthetics. The benefit in daily life is still questionable but the potential is great for industry, especially for medical technology. Whether knee joint or leg prosthesis – certain attributes distinguish 3D-printing form other production processes: it is more precise, faster and more...
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Photo: X-ray of a spine implant; Copyright: panthermedia.net/tallik

May 2014: Orthopedic technology


More than 200 bones and 650 muscles that are connected by ligaments, tendons and joints make up the human musculoskeletal system. Sports, physical work, accidents and continuous strain exert strong force on this complex construction and are able to damage it.
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Photo: Female researcher works at a microscope in the lab; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Alexander Raths

February 2014: Medical technology in the laboratory


Before a new therapy can be developed, basic research in the laboratory has to be done. Physicists, biochemists and physicians get to the bottom of open questions that determine whether or not a new approach is successful. To this end, the researchers need to know the biological processes that happen at cellular and molecular level.
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