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Overview: Specials 2017

Image: Computer-generated image of a 3D printer that prints a human heart; Copyright: panthermedia.net/luca de polo

November 2017: 3D printing and bioprinting


Generative manufacturing processes such as 3D printing have been inspiring both the technology industry and medical technology for years. 3D printing is particularly interesting for the production of individual patient implants. In this context, the focus is increasingly on more than just massive implants such as endoprostheses or dentures.
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Image: hand holding a cardiac pacemaker; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Martin Mühler

August 2017: Miniaturization of implants


Apart from digitalization, molecularization and personalization, miniaturization is one of the main trends in medical technology. Especially intelligent micro-implants are on the rise and promise successful therapies, for example to monitor glaucoma, hearing difficulties and diabetes.
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Image: Hands holding a stent, pulling against one end of it; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Alexey Kamenskiy

May 2017: Shape memory alloys


Shape memory alloy – the name says it all: It does not matter how much they are bent and deformed, they can always "remember" their original form when temperature is increased. This characteristic brings other benefits with it, like for example elasticity and resilience. Whether for stents, surgical devices or micro valves, medical technology has also recognized the advantages of SMA.
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Image: Differents drafts lieing on a table. Someone is drawing further details on it; Copyright: panthermedia.net/Corepics

February 2017: Re-Design of well-known products


The topic re-design is commonplace in the consumer sector – mobile phones and automobiles get a new look in short intervals. In the field of medical technology, the cycles of a design are much longer. Nevertheless, it plays a significant role in this sector, too. The reasons for a re-design are many. We have looked further into this topic in our current Special February.
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