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Specialty Coating Systems

Specialty Coating Systems Announces New Adhesion Promotion Technology

Indianapolis, Indiana - Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) is pleased to announce a new adhesion promotion technology, AdPro Plus™, specifically developed to improve adhesion of Parylene conformal coatings to various substrates. Developed by SCS’ industry-leading team of research and development engineers, AdPro Plus increases adhesion between Parylene coatings and various substrates. Strong adhesion of Parylene is critical to enable the coating to provide maximum benefit to the application.

Optimal adhesion of Parylene to a wide variety of substrates, including metal, plastic, elastomer, glass, paper, etc., is commonly achieved by a treatment with A-174 silane prior to Parylene coating. However, in some applications, materials remain to which Parylene coatings may not achieve optimal adhesion.

SCS Vice President of Technology, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, explains, “As technologies continue to advance, SCS has worked with our customers to understand the challenges they face in designing their products, including the challenge of protecting materials that are being used in these innovations.” Kumar continues, “As a result, SCS developed AdPro Plus, an adhesion promotion technique that improves adhesion of Parylene coatings to materials such as titanium, stainless steel, gold, chromium, Santoprene, polyimide, polycarbonate and solder mask, to name a few. Additionally, AdPro Plus has demonstrated improved stability at elevated temperatures, making it an excellent adhesion promotion tool for harsh environment applications.”

AdPro Plus, available to SCS coating service customers, is an advancement in solving adhesion challenges, enabling Parylene conformal coatings to protect an even wider range of materials used in today’s complex technologies. For more information about AdPro Plus, contact SCS at +1.317.244.1200 or e-mail scssales@scscoatings.com.