Stainless steel drain valves for medical technology -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


A. u. K. Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Stainless steel drain valves for medical technology

stainless steel drain valves

The applications for drain valves in medical appliances require reliable products with a high material resistance. As well as their traditional drain valves made from high performance plastics, such as PPE or PVDF, A. u. K. Müller now offer special variants made from stainless steel, for use with aggressive cleaning agents.

The stainless steel drain valves exhibit very good chemical resistance even at high temperatures, which allows them to be thermally disinfected. The optimized internal flow path and smooth surface finish prevents the adhesion of particles or sediment.

A flush spout, to allow cleaning the valve body and membrane from particles, is available as an option. A diaphragm ensures media separation between fluid and valve parts.

The direct acting valves are offered in two nominal diameters DN 40 and DN 50, as 2/2-way NC or NO variants and with an optional manual emergency override. Also, these robust valves can now be offered as a version for horizontal installation. The standard valves withstand pressures up to 120 mbar but if the application requires a higher range, a variant up to 180 mbar is available.

The use of high grade materials, such as stainless steel AISI 316 L, and 100 % final inspection ensures that drain valves from A. u. K. Müller control fluids in medical application reliably and with a long lifetime.