Steerable catheter for single-use -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


EPflex Feinwerktechnik GmbH

Steerable catheter for single-use

steerable catheter EPflex

EPflex Feinwerktechnik GmbH presents a cost-effective steerable catheter for single-use at this year’s Compamed in Düsseldorf. The materials of the catheter were chosen to allow its use under MRI-guidance.

The modular design of the already proven EPflex handle allows a cost-effective production of the single-use steerable catheter. This ergonomic handle enables one-hand operation and makes it possible to fix the catheter tip in the desired position. The new version is a 5 French catheter which is designed for guide wires of 0.035 inches. The catheter can be inserted into the patient’s body like on rails via a previously inserted guide wire and is provided with an introducer sheath which serves for introducing various instruments into the working channel.

Since the broad field of application for catheters often requires various properties, the steerable catheter is available in different degrees of stiffness, with different coatings and several markers. With these marker techniques, the steerable catheter can be visualized on radiographic or MR imaging.

Since 1994, EPflex Feinwerktechnik GmbH has manufactured guide wires, nitinol baskets, hypotubes and stylets as well as customized special products. Besides standard guidewires EPflex is specialized in manufacture Nitinol guidewires in all variations. Today, EPflex is one of the leading OEM suppliers in the area of medical technology and is setting its focus on processing wires, braids and tubes made of stainless steel, Nitinol, polymers and special materials (laser welding, centerless grinding, bonding, forming). The products are assembled in a class 8 clean room, which has received EN-ISO 14644-3 certification. Through the inauguration of a second production building in January 2012, now EPflex Feinwerktechnik GmbH has 4,300 square meters of production area.