Students of Nature: Bionic Technology for Medicine -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Students of Nature: Bionic Technology for Medicine

Bionics is not a new area of research. Leonardo da Vinci already modeled his flying machines after birds. However, bionics remains highly exciting until this day, because you are often able to find solutions where nobody expected them. Or would you have thought that an intestinal parasite was recently the inspiration for an adhesive bandage?


Photo: Da Vinci Drawing

Leonardo Da Vinicis aircraft also took nature for example; © / Janaka Dharmasena

Photo: Two hands holding a drill

The new drill works on the pendulum principle, whereby the drill must be hardly pressed; © Fraunhofer IPA

Photo: Sperm

The small biobots mimic the movement of sperm; © /Martin Kreutz

Photo: Simone Ernst; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann