Sun-round -- COMPAMED Trade Fair




Our company goals

Sun-round has been and will always be focused on the research and development of medical cables. Over the years, we have been gradually improving and expanding the process system. We have a Filtration and Sterilization System for cooling water at the extruding procedure. This system can reduce and control bacteria quantity on the surface of the finished cable to meet medical requirements.

Now we can build cables with following materials:

Conductor: Various materials used, including bare copper alloy wire/tinned tinsel wire/silver
plated tinsel wire/tinned copper wire/silver plated copper wire. Among which, the
minimum size of tinned copper wire and silver plated copper wire could be 0.02 mm.

Core wire: Minimum size of core wire is 46AWG now.

Insulation: Various materials used, including



Customer demand --- Combination design --- Accomplish the goal

We can design the cable according to customer’s needs so as to
perfectly meet their specified requirements.