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Surfix demonstrates advanced nanocoatings at COMPAMED 2015

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At the upcoming COMPAMED Trade Fair Surfix will showcase its advanced patterned nanocoatings for improving the performance of biosensors, microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip devices.

Surface modification is an essential part of micro- and nanotechnology, and there are several methods for applying uniform molecular coatings to different materials. However, micro- and nanodevices often require a combination of multiple functional coatings within one device.

“For example, the sensitivity of biosensors can be increased a lot by selectively attaching probe molecules to the sensing area and applying an antifouling coating to the rest of the sensor”, says Luc Scheres, co-founder and CEO of Surfix. “With our coating technology we apply the right functionality to the right location, enhancing the performance of many materials and devices.”

At COMPAMED , Surfix will demonstrate its proprietary surface modification technology and show examples of patterned nanocoatings prepared by local and selective surface modification.

About Surfix
Surfix believes that control of surface properties is essential for advanced micro- and nanotechnologies to be successful and revolutionize our world. The company develops and provides innovative nanocoatings for the micro- and nanotechnology market, based on chemical surface modification. Surfix specializes in the development of custom-made solutions that help its clients to achieve breakthrough innovations in their research or market.

With Surfix’s proprietary surface modification technology a wide variety of materials can be coated, enabling the effective tuning of their surface properties. Moreover, local and selective surface modification can be realized, improving the performance of biosensors, microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip devices.

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