TUDOS – Micro Drug Delivery System for µ-exact Drug Dosing -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Fraunhofer EMFT

TUDOS – Micro Drug Delivery System for µ-exact Drug Dosing

Mikrofluidic system for tumor therapie
The research partners are demonstrating a prototype of this system in Hall 8a, Booth D26.

The system for drug delivery is based on a minute silicon pump chip. The entire system, including reservoire and a battery, with 20x32x19 mm3 no bigger than a match box, and operating extremely energy-efficiently. Volumes of drugs of 12 µl – corresponding to a quarter of a droplet of water – can be dosed with accuracy better than 2%, thanks to a patented dosage control system. This accuracy is unique in the world for systems of this size so far. The dosage profile can be adapted to the therapy at need using a specific user interface. The system is able to reliably identify error sources such as clogged catheters, pump defects or gas bubbles.
In addition to diabetes and pain therapy the scientists see future potential for the system above all in tumor therapy: The TUDOS system could be used for delivery of minute amounts of highly concentrated cytostatics directly into the tumor, where systemic administration is no longer possible. This could help shrink the tumor enough to make it operable.