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SENSIRION AG - the sensor company

Technology Breakthrough

Low-cost high-performance gas flow sensors? No contradiction anymore!

In 2007, the Swiss Company Sensirion AG achieves a breakthrough in manufacturing digital MEMS gas flow and differential pressure sensors. Thanks to the production based on 8” wafers, the precise and reliable sensors can be provided at very low cost, particularly to OEM-customers of the medical industry.

Sensirion CMOSens® gas flow and differential pressure sensors have been produced with integrated intelligence in large quantities for several years. Produced on silicon base by a standard CMOS process, the sensors are being successfully used worldwide in several products and markets.

After more than fifteen years of research and development, the production has been enhanced to 8“ wafer handling. Thus, CMOSens® high-performance gas flow and differential pressure sensors can now be produced even in mil-lions at highest quality while further reducing the already low costs. This is possible thanks to the patented CMOSens® Technology. Hence, in its latest generation, Sensirion sensors can host complete intelligent sensor systems on very small (semiconductor) space. Such sensors feature built-in self-test algorithms, which make them a perfect suit for demanding medical applica-tions, e.g. anaesthesia, medical ventilation or CPAP devices.

The first gas flow and differential pressure sensors exploiting all advantages of the latest generation CMOSens® Technology will be available in series from first quarter 2008.