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Technosoft’s CANopen Intelligent Drives and Motors

All Technosoft intelligent drives and motors now support CANopen. Embedding motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single compact unit they cover all type of brushless, DC, linear or step motor applications from 25 W (45 V, 0.5 A) up to 3 kW (325 V, 10 A). The motors (brushless and stepping) integrate power electronics, controller, position sensor and interface in one compact unit with basic local digital and analog I/O signals. These new generations of Technosoft products offer the powerful CANopen communication option for motion automation builders that use the CANopen DSP 402 standard. The popular CANopen protocol has emerged as the dominant CAN solution for motion control applications throughout the world, due to its low cost per node, simple wiring and extensive support.

Besides CANopen DS301 and DS402 profiles, Technosoft CANopen drives / motors can execute complex motion programs directly on drive, using the high-level Technosoft motion language (TML). This greatly simplifies the master task: motion functions, pre-stored in the drive / motor memory, can be called or executed via I/O signals.

Compatible with EasyMotion Studio for quick configuration and motion programming at drive level, the CANopen drives / motors offer a flexible and easy to implement solution for a wide range of applications. The new firmware version supports the CANopen protocol for all products with CAN interface. Thus, by simple software configuration, you will get a CANopen version of your drive / motor.

The motion programming can be done from a CANopen master, via a PC / PLC using the appropriate motion library, or directly at drive level, using the built-in motion controller and EasyMotion Studio platform. The software provides a simple, graphical way of creating motion programs written in TML. It automatically generates all the TML instructions, so engineers don’t need to learn or write TML code. Using TML programming, they can reduce the development time of complex applications.

In addition to the DS-402 modes of operation – velocity profile, position profile (with trapezoidal or S-curve speed), homing and interpolated position (3rd order PVT or 1st order PT) – some of Technosoft drives also offer other motion modes, like electronic camming and gearing – including the option of supervising a second motion, over electronic gearing.

Technosoft drives / motors offer to medical machine builders a short-time-to-market solution. Thanks to local intelligence based on TML programming, the user can really simplify complex applications, by distributing the intelligence between master and drives. Thus, instead of trying to command each step of an axis movement from the master, they can program the drives / motors using TML to execute complex tasks, and inform the master when these tasks have been completed. Applications include blood and air pumps, high-speed dental drills, high-speed and high-accuracy speed controls for laser systems.

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